Top-of-mind portfolio

A strategic investment portfolio that anyone can build

The only benchmark for managing wealth is you. Ask what is the simplest but still broadly diversified portfolio that you can implement on your own. That’s your top-of-mind portfolio!

  • Cost efficient ETFs
  • Only few easy to execute investments
  • No unwarranted foreign exchange risk
  • No conflict of interest

With this approach we are able to reduce unnecessary costs associated with investing, allowing you to build your wealth on your own, without expensive management or trading fees.

Less is more

three core investment elements to start with

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Reduced to the max

Building a well-diversified investment portfolio does not require a dozen assets. To the contrary, adding assets with poor or unstable performance history, like commodities or emerging market assets, only increases fees and trading costs, adding another barrier to accessing markets. We believe things can be done simpler and more effective.

Stocks, bonds & cash

= your top-of-mind portfolio

Holding wealth in a savings account means lending money to your bank. The interest rates received will depend on the quality of your bank and central bank policy rates. From an investment perspective this is the worst investment since you are not collecting any premium from capital markets. However, when combined with sovereign bonds and equities it allows you to control the maximum amount of risk you want to take for your investment.

  • Your compensation: usually close to zero after inflation
  • Your daily risk: no daily fluctuations but uncertainty about reinvestment possibilities
  • Can you lose all: usually your deposits are protected up to a certain limit
  • Exchange rate risk: no, you are holding cash in your home currency

What are the pros and cons of savings accounts?

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Select a top-of-mind portfolio

and compare with investment solutions of your choice

management fee

Defines the inflow of the investment (as of the end of the month) - performance thus starts in the following month
Start date:

The end date can be chosen arbitrarily (performance up to and including the end of the month)
End date:

Min. capital is 5'000, max. 9'999'999
Start capital:

Added by month end
Further contributions:

Per month end
Contribution size:

Equity weight as risk indication
Select your equity weight:Corresponding risk profile:


Important note: Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. The historical analysis provided here is for illustrative purposes only and can only partially illustrate the risk associated with an investment in the capital markets, which may result in the loss of your invested capital.