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Why following our advice

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Goal-based investing for all

Our aim is to help everybody to reach their investment goals irrespectively of their wealth status and financial expertise. With a simple but state-of-the-art investment engine we allow for comprehensive wealth planning to build wealth, pay back debt, or plan your retirement or estate.


Tailor-made investment plans

We provide holistic investment plans incorporating life-cycle portfolio theory. Each single goal-based strategy is unique and tailored to your risk capacity, age, occupation and saving potential. Our approach also accounts for inflation and uncertainty in your wage.


Free of conflicts of interest

Our “digital investment advisory house” is an independent platform that is neither economically nor personally related to any advisory or product vendor. We believe that the only way to avoid a conflict of interest is to disentangle wealth planning from actual implementation.


Free of private data monetization

We do not aim to commercialize your personal data. Each goal can be calculated without your personal information. However, the more we know about your age, profession, wage and life-cycle, the better we are able to tailor your risk capacity and hence your nature as investor.


Free of expensive products

Our investment universe consists of highly liquid and low-cost equity and fixed income instruments, with ETFs and index funds as the best choice for our purposes. We exclude alternative investments like hedge funds or structured products that involve high fees and limited benefits.


Free basic access for private users

Our basic access – assuming private usage – is free of charge, with donations welcomed to support our mission. If you are investing to buy a home or build a safety net, you can use the tool for free. For more computationally intensive goals we offer an affordable day-pass solution.