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Build your goal-based portfolio

With professional investment guidance everyone should be able to turn income into wealth. With a unique synergy of academic and financial markets expertise in our team we have created an accessible and modern application of goal-based investing to help anyone achieving prosperity with their financial goals.


Test your financial knowledge

Investing in capital markets requires knowledge and experience. Without understanding the basic principles of capital markets investors are tempted to make bad decisions over time. By answering 10 questions you will not only reflect better on what you know but also hopefully improve your financial knowhow too.


Test your risk tolerance

Are you a risk taker or a cautious investor? This test is designed to learn more about your risk tolerance, loss tolerance, preferences and risk appetite. To determine this, we not only ask common questions about your personality, but also carry out a small simulation of your attitude during salary negotiations. Curious?


What if I had invested on time?

It's always easy to be smart with hindsight, but that is not our aim. Neither do we want to project spectacular future wealth paths using historical returns, although common with robo-advisors. We want this tool to help our user family to understand the value of capital markets and what impact already very small investments over time ...