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Applied wealthtech

Most of our ideas are motivated by and well documented in academic literature. Keeping pace with developments in science is key. By making use of existing theory and combining it with our own ideas born of numerous interactions with experts, clients and friends, we have developed our unique investment engine.


Top-of-mind portfolio

The only benchmark for managing wealth is you. Ask what is the simplest but still broadly diversified portfolio that you can implement on your own. That’s your top-of-mind portfolio! This approach reduces unnecessary costs associated with investing, allowing you to build your wealth on your own, without expensive fees.


The ABC to grow your wealth

Scientific studies show that setting specific goals intensives motivation for achievement and raises goal commitment. However, in order to turn successful income into wealth, it is important to set the size and order of goal commitments right. Regular and targeted engagement is the key to turn income into wealth.


Life-cycle investing at the core

Life-cycle investing is a concept that relates the different income stages in your working career to your investment strategy. It forms the basis for creating your goal specific investment portfolios that your investment strategy is built on. It is a key element in our attempt to tailorize every investment decision provided to clients.


Setting the priorities right

Unlike conventional wealth management solutions, our GBI platform requires you to not only think about what you want to achieve with your investments but also how it would affect your financial and personal wellbeing if your goal is not reached. Asked simply: how does not reaching your goal affect your wellbeing?


Why investing goal-based

We all need to grow our wealth and goal-based investing is the best and most transparent way to do that. It focuses on what you want to achieve with your money and its success is centered around achieving that goal. It is transparent, adaptable and easy to follow, even in changing market environments.